We are a company that is dedicated to bringing the best quality supplements and snacks for those who take their physical activity seriously. Our flagship product is our Steak jerky which is a keto friendly high protein snack. We plan to list many more flavours and other snacks soon, so subscribe to our email list to stay up to date!

Yes. Our jerky is 100% halal. We source our meat from Tariq halal and ensure that all the ingredients we use in our marinade are also halal.

Yes. Any supplement or snack that carries our Logo is halal.

We only sell supplements that are proven by science to have a positive effect on your training. We source studies on the product details page to make sure all our customers are informed on the scientific benefits of what they are taking.

We do! We can ship worldwide and offer shipping discounts the more you buy. Feel free to reach out to us if you are based outside of the UK and want a big order.